What Happens after LASIK Surgery ?

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lasik eye surgery recovery

After the LASIK procedure, you should receive a few types of eyedrops to help in recovery as well as detailed instructions on how to use them. You may experience discomfort for the rest of the day. It is usually described as feeling like sand is in your eye. Pain relievers can help with this feeling and it should be gone completely by the following day. Also, your vision will probably be a little blurry, but should correct within the same time frame.

There are a few things you can do to help speed the recovery process.  Avoid rubbing your eyes or playing contact sports since doing so could cause the flap to shift. You can apply drops frequently (up to every half hour) to keep your eyes lubricated. Wear good sunglasses to protect your eyes during times when they are more sensitive than normal. Dons swim, wear eye makeup, or do anything that could cause germs to get in your eyes and cause an infection. Be sure to keep your post-operative appointments because they are important to make sure your eye is not becoming infected and the healing process is going smoothly.