How Much Does LASIK Cost ?

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how much is lasik eye surgery

The cost of LASIK surgery will depend on your individual situation as well as the technology used. The average cost for wavefront LASIK is around $2000 per eye. The average cost for bladed LASIK is around $1500 per eye. If an eye center is charging substantially less  than these amounts($1000 each or under) it might be wise to avoid. Prices have remained relatively constant over the past several years and are not expected to decrease or increase much in the near future.

Unfortunately, most medical insurance plans with a vision policy do not cover corrective eye surgery because it is not considered necessary. However, some subsidized plans may cover a portion of the cost. Also, you may qualify for an employee discount or tax deduction for the cost of the procedure.

If you cant afford the cost of LASIK up front, there are usually financing options available. There are many companies that offer financing especially for eye corrective surgery. Most LASIK centers work with financing companies on a regular basis and should be able to get you set up.