Am I A Good Candidate For LASIK ?

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candidate for lasik

The LASIK surgeon you choose will help you decide if you are ideal for the operation, but there are certain things you can know ahead of time to help you decide.

Age is important because your eyes tend to change more at different times in your life. You should definitely be 18 or older, maybe even up to 25. You are never too old to have eye correction surgery.

You should have a stable prescription for the best results from laser eye surgery. So, your glasses or contacts prescription should not have changed within the past year.

There are certain prescriptions which are more consistently correctable through LASIK. The parameters vary but some general guidelines include: nearsighted between -0.75 to -12.00, farsighted up to +6.00, and astigmatism up to 6.00.

If you have dry eyes you are probably not a good candidate because surgery may worsen the problem. Eye problems like previous infections or cataracts are also warning signs. Patients with HIV, lupus, or heart disease are not ideal for the operation. Patients that are nursing or pregnant also fall into this category.

Several pre-requisites must be determined by the LASIK surgeon but include: pupil size cannot be too large, cornea cannot be too thin, the cornea must have a normal structure, and good pressure must exist within the eye.