Lasik Vision

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laser treatment for eyes

What is LASIK can only be answered if you are aware of the kind of problems that it is capable of treating. LASIK is a laser treatment used to overcome the most common eye sight problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Since there are several remedies for this type of disorders already available, people in general are keener to know what it really is. LASIK stands for laser in situ keratomileusis and has been in use from quite some time.

Aging and Vision

Eye lenses are given ability to adapt as per the situations during your early age and this allows us to see anything and everything clearly through focusing on objects. Gradually our eye lenses become idle and do not remain the same when it comes to changing shapes and focusing on objects too close or far from us. Losing accommodation is the first stage when an individual complains of bad eye sight and that is the time when he/she requires glasses or contact lenses. See, contact lenses or glasses do not improve your vision abilities, but they act as a manager to make sure the imbalance between the two is made correct. LASIK is a wonderful remedy in this regard and can provide greater and long lasting effects. Balanced vision that it is capable of providing to patients of different age is quite surprising and the success rate is also on the higher side.

Cornea is the outer most and a transparent layer of eye in human that enables clearer vision. Retina and cornea are naturally given shape as per the eye size, but in due course of time it starts losing the natural shape that leads to blurred images. In LASIK treatment, laser light is emitted directly to cornea in a special pattern that leads to improvement of vision ability. Basically there is no real difference in all LASIK therapies since the laser used in all sorts of LASIK treatment is same (excimer laser). The difference in treatment and the ultimate results is only because of the laser equipments used through various manufacturers. Conventional LASIK treatment is among the most common type used in almost all parts of the world. Though maximum benefits can be derived through this particular category of remedial solution, but there are certain drawbacks that need to be taken well care of. Night vision and glare are some of the most common problems arising due to it.