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The Day Of LASIK Surgery

On the day of your LASIK surgery, you may feel apprehensive.  This is completely normal. Just remember you have done your research and your surgeon has completed this operation successfully… Read more »

Lasik Vision

What is LASIK can only be answered if you are aware of the kind of problems that it is capable of treating. LASIK is a laser treatment used to overcome… Read more »

How Much Does LASIK Cost ?

The cost of LASIK surgery will depend on your individual situation as well as the technology used. The average cost for wavefront LASIK is around $2000 per eye. The average… Read more »

History Of LASIK

Probably the most important discovery in the history of LASIK was made in 1949 by Colombian Doctor Jose Barraquer. The doctor believed the cornea could be re-shaped to improve vision…. Read more »

Basics Of LASIK

This site was created to answer the questions that are often asked regarding vision corrective surgery, like, exactly what is LASIK? In discussions of science and medical operations it is… Read more »