The LASIK Consultation

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Before you have LASIK surgery you will need to set up a consultation with your surgeon of choice. This is your chance to meet the surgeon and find out a few more details about the procedure. You should ask as many questions as you want so you are informed and confident of your decision to proceed with the process. Taking someone with you may be helpful because they can ask questions also and help you remember information. The LASIK consultation is also a chance for the doctor to do a pre-screening to make sure you are a good candidate for surgery.

When you call to set up an appointment, you will be asked to stop wearing contact lenses for a period of time; 48 hours to one week for soft  and toric lenses and 2 weeks for hard lenses. Contacts can alter the shape of your eye for a while after wearing them, so it is important that your eyes return to their natural shape before the examination.

As part of the consulation, the LASIK surgeon should fully cover your medical and vision history. Circumstances like pregnancy or disease can be a deciding factor in whether you qualify for LASIK surgery. It is important to mention any prior problems you have had with your eyes or contacts at this time.

Next, the surgeon may perform a series of tests and measurements on your eyes. Alternatively, this could also be done at your regular eye doctors office. An instrument will be used to measure and generate a 3D image of your eye that can be used to determine if the cornea is structurally normal. Then, another instrument will be used to measure the depth of your cornea to make sure it is thick enough to retain its structure during surgery. Your pupil will be measured to make sure it is not too large. Your cornea will be examined with a microscope to check for other abnormalities. Finally, the fluid pressure in your eye will be checked for proper levels.