What is Lasik ?

What is Lasik?┬áLasik (Laser-Assisted in SItu Keratomileusis) is a laser eye surgery. LASIK is performed by an ophthalmologist using a laser. “What is Lasik” is among the major searched keywords in Google. It alone suggests how keen such large numbers of people are regarding this method of eye treatment. LASIK in general term means laser eye surgery and it is a kind of treatment commonly used for Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism. These are the most common eye sight disorders that people in different age group suffer from. Kind of equipments used in this sort of treatment is laser light emitter. Most of the eye sight problems arise due to improper shape of cornea or the corner most parts of your retina. Emitting laser over the area is done to reshape it and somehow enhance the visual abilities of an individual.

Lasik Treatment

LASIK is the abbreviated form of laser in situ keratomileusis and it is a kind of treatment where laser therapy is used to reshape the keratomileusis. In recent few years this form of treatment for the most common eye sight disorders has grabbed the attention because of the effectiveness. Some of the more common reasons why LASIK is used include :-

  • Treatment of refractive errors in all ages
  • To enhance vision
  • To remove glasses and contact lenses by improving eye sight

Cornea is basically the front and a transparent layer of your eye that with time starts getting in an improper shape that is rectified through LASIK. Laser treatments are not new, but it was year 1991 when this particular category of eye sight treatment was introduced to the world.

Refractive Errors and Lasik

LASIK is believed to be one of the most effective remedies against all visual disorders including myopia. Direct exposure to the laser light is continued in a special pattern that results in re-sharpening of cornea. Humans see and focus on objects through retina and cornea where retina acts as a focusing device of a camera. Usually an individual with normal visual abilities has matching retina and cornea as per the size and shape of eye. In due course of time when this proportion is mismatched, the results are considered as refractive errors that make you see blurred images.

LASIK is used to remove glasses or contact lenses through making a match for the difference created between eye size and cornea with retina. Since laser treatment has same but more stable effects, you have better chances enjoying improved vision for a longer period. Correction of eye through LASIK is a great option for those who wish to get rid of the glasses and vision errors.